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EcoTest Energy Services, LLC is the energy industry’s air quality emissions and leak detection experts.

We focus our efforts exclusively on the Oil & Gas industry, and we have operations throughout the US. Operations centers are strategically located in the Appalachian and Mid-Continent regions.

We were founded based on our industry observation as operators that quality environmental compliance services, reliable testing, and fair pricing were largely absent from the industry. EcoTest was founded to fill that industry void.
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We pride ourselves on prompt and reliable service.

Qualified Field Scientists and Field Technicians thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of our testing systems.

Our customer service and attention to detail set industry standards for excellence.

We operate the most advanced modern testing equipment in the industry. This translates into accurate testing and efficiency on site.

Comprehensive Emission Stack Testing And Leak Detection

EcoTest’s Field Scientists and Technicians are equipped with the most advanced technology available in FTIR spectrometer engine testing instruments powered by the most advanced gas analyzing software in the industry. These scientists ensure proper instrument hardware and software performance, accurate data collection, and accurate data reporting of all regulated emissions compounds. Ecotest delivers comprehensive test reports by our scientists to the operator. Our on-site realtime emissions analysis process ensures compliance that meets or exceeds regulatory standards. Our job is to protect the operator from costly fines and loss of revenue, to ensure air quality and safety for the surrounding community.

EcoTest Energy Services specializes in FTIR emission testing of engines, dehy units, regen/reboilers, and the use of FLIR system with a High Flow Sampler for gas leak detections of valves, flanges, connectors, storage vessels/storage tanks, fittings, and piping, and also valve pneumatic actuator tagging services. Site specific gas/ emissions detection systems can be built for short or long term usage as applied to storage tanks and other regulated emissions sources.
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EcoTest Energy Services, LLC is the energy industry’s stack testing emissions and LDAR experts.

We focus our efforts exclusively on the Oil & Gas industry, and we have operations in the Utica and Marcellus Shale plays, as well as Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado.

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